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GPS Tracking Extension Workflow

All vehicles that are equipped with AVL modems, will send their location and sensor information to MRF's AVL data server via the cellular network. The AVL server provides the essential interface for all GPS tracking operations. MRF Web works as a portal to provide an advanced, user-friendly map interface for users to view, search and report vehicle location and operations data. There will be two data categories in the system:

  • AVL Server dataset - stores raw data sent from the AVL units.
  • GIS Application dataset - stores derived shapes for various business purposes generated from the raw AVL dataset (such as snow removal layers).

Main Interface

All the AVL functions are listed under AVL Tool Box.

Click on the Vehicle Panel button to open the vehicle list. When this panel is turned on, Legend Panel is no longer showing. User can also click on to switch between Legend Panel and Vehicle Panel.

Click on the Show/Hide Realtime Location button to view all the vehicles on map.

Vehicle Panel

Click on the Vehicle Panel button to open the vehicle list. The Vehicle Panel lists all the vehicles assigned to the current web user. User can drag the panel border to enlarge/shrink the table list for a better view.

Vehicle Management (For Website Admin Only)

Admin User can use Vehicle Management to create Departments and assign different symbology to vehicles.

Click on Vehicle Management button to open the Vehicle Management dialog window.

Vehicle History Search

MRF Web provides users the capability of searching historical vehicle data on the map.

Vehicle History Search function allows user to search historical data by date, time, and vehicle name.

Vehicle Spatial Report

The Vehicle Spatial Report function allows user to search for historical vehicle data within an area of interest.

Export Vehicle Data

Click on Export Vehicle Data button to export all the search results into a report in csv format. The report includes total distance traveled for each vehicle within the specified timeframe and total travel distance of all the vehicles.