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Represents the pinnacle of MRF's GIS technology, designed to facilitate the swift establishment of GIS portals and the online publication of GIS data. Developed from the ground up, this platform has undergone continuous evolution over the years, earning the trust of over 60 municipalities across British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.

As a robust GIS solution, MRF Web Map offers an array of intuitive map tools right out of the box, including Identify, Search, Edit, Redline, Print, and Bookmark, among others. Building on these foundations, MRF has expanded the platform's capabilities with a suite of modules and extensions tailored to various workflows.

Popular MRF Web Map Modules include:
MRF Asset Management, MRF Work Orders, MRF Vehicle Tracking (AVL), MRF StreetView, MRF Document Management, MRF Weed/Pest Inspection, MRF Spray, MRF Safety, MRF Enforcement, etc. These modules integrate a wide range of spatial data into a unified repository for efficient viewing, management, and strategic decision-making.

Embracing the latest in HTML5 technology, MRF Web Map achieves seamless cross-platform functionality, ensuring compatibility with both desktop and mobile browsers. This enables users to access, modify, and manage GIS data on-the-go, whether through an iPad or Android phone, embodying the ultimate in convenience and flexibility for GIS data handling.