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System Overview

The MRF Timesheet is an application that makes timesheet management fast and efficient. It utilizes an intuitive user interface that allows a user to input timesheet information and store it electronically to exterminate the need for using paper records.

Using The MRF Timesheet As A Staff

View the dashboard:The dashboard shows summary information about your work. It includes three panels which are Open Timesheet, Entitlement, and Weekly Summary.

Using The MRF Timesheet As A Workgroup Manager

Review, Revise and approve a timesheet:To review a timesheet, you need to select a timesheet from a staff. The timesheet selection can be executed in multiple ways in the MRF Timesheet

Using The MRF Timesheet As A Department Manager

Search and view timesheet summary reports.Department managers have access to search and report function at department level. Click on the menu “Timesheet->Search” to start a timesheet search.

Using The MRF Timesheet As A Payroll

Change user TOIL or Overtime:Please refer to the “Workgroup manager” section how to review/revise a user timesheet. In addition to revising the timesheet entries, payroll can also edit the entitlement entries

Using The MRF Timesheet As A System Administrator

Set department manager.Click on a department in the department management window.