MRF Fire GIS: A dedicated GIS solution for fire emergency management and planning

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Accurate Road Network and Addresses

MRF uses AMDSP (Alberta Municipal Data Sharing Partnership) road network and addresses. If your municipality is not an AMDSP member, MRF can use your road network and addresses. This approach is much better than using Google Maps.

Residential, Intersection and POI Layers

For each resident or intersection, MRF Fire Response determines the primary and secondary fire stations. These two stations represent the quickest and second quickest response times.

Firefighter Location Layer

Real-time location tracking of firefighters to support efficient response operations.

Fire Station Boundary Map

Visual representation of each fire station's response boundaries.


When you get into your fire truck, the destination is already displayed on your tablet. MRF Fire Response can provide offline navigation with voice instructions. Safe emergency response speeds are used to get you there quickly and safely.


You can use MRF GIS Mobile to prepare your pre-plan (location of fuels, explosives, people, etc.). The data can then be automatically synchronized with MRF GIS Web.

Aerial Photos

MRF provides 1.5 meter aerial photos for Alberta customers. The aerial photo is refreshed every year.