MRF Records Management System (RMS)

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MRF Records Management System is a fresh take at recording all your occurrences, reports, forms issued, and more.

MRF’s is proud to offer a Offline/Online hybrid system. This distinct advantage means officers do not have to worry about connectivity on the go, with built in syncing between officer devices and the agency server. RMS and E-Ticketing can also be integrated, with a single click to flip the mode of the software or generate a ticket auto-populated with report information.

MRF RMS is designed around a standardized workflow for both managers and officers. The Main Dashboard, Management, Search Reports, and integrated Reporting Portal make viewing large amounts of data quickly a breeze. The workflow of creating new reports was designed by officers, for officers. Over 70 agencies to date are using the system and have been included in the design process since day one.

MRF Records Management supports many different report types and digitized forms. Each report type and form available are configured for each client.

Each form or report issued can be turned into a Occurance Report with one button, thus elimnating any duplicate data entry.

MRF includes a tool for agency staff to upload and digitze their own forms. Simplly make a fillable PDF and upload to the management portal.

Reporting within MRF Records Management is handled by integrated Web Portal, which syncs all agency records to run reports against.

MRF is proud of the granular options available within the reporting portal to select exactly the data you need.

MRF has extensive GIS experience, meaning reports all have location data tied to them and are put on a map using your municipal address and road network.


MRF Enforcement Solutions were developed in partnership Enforcement Agencies with a focuse on increased safety and streamlined workflows. Officers can now have access to their records in both an online and offline mode for when they need them most. The ecosystem was designed and developed for Enforcement Agencies to avoid the high cost of systems integration and customization. MRF's strong research and development team and its close collaboration with Enforcement Officers ensure that the MRF Enforcement Solutions are efficient, easy to use, and cost-effective.
W.Kardash – Athabasca County
The MRF E-Ticketing and RMS solutions have improved the ease and simplicity of the officer's Data Entry.  All of the platforms within MRF just work well together, greatly improving officer efficiency! The best solution for all of our enforcement services needs.
G.Ferraby – Manager – Enforcement Services - MD of Greenview